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Pennsylvania State Association - I.B.P.O. ELKS of the World

The Great State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Association 

The Dgts of the PA State Association Is On The Move...

Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World

Pennsylvania State Association

I. B. P. O. ELKS of the WORLD



AG Brigade Commander

MG Yvonne B. Clark

Susan Shands Temple #103 - Chester, PA


Director - Donald (DK) Williams

Bethal Lodge #1284 - Bethlehem, PA

Directress - Sherrie L. Jones

Leverta #653 - Philadelphia, PA

Beauty & Talent

Director - Russell Spradley

Berks Lodge #47 - Reading, PA

Directress - Antonia Green

Ruth Temple #116 - Pittsburgh, PA


Interim Director - Charles S. Burford

Berks Lodge #47 - Reading, PA

Directress - Vermille C. Blake

Carolyn B. Irvin #673 - Philadelphia, PA

Civil Liberties

Director - Marcel Howard City Lodge #328 - Gem City Lodge #328 - Erie, PA

Assist Directress - Carmela Boykins

Mary Alice Temple #108 - Reading, PA

Assist. Director - Lonce Scott Chris J. Perry Lodge

#965 - Philadelphia, PA


Director - Willie (Jojo) Borden, Conestoga Lodge

# 140 - Lancaster, PA

Assist - Yvonne B. Clark, Susan Shands Temple

# 103 - Chester, PA

Assist - Richard Hankerson - Cyrene Lodge #169

Steelton, PA

#965 - Philadelphia, PA


Charles A. Washington - Chairman

Cyrene Lodge #169 - Steelton, PA

Lloyd Brooks - Secretary

Edgar A. Still Lodge #207 - Williamsport, PA

John Henderson

Valley Lodge #294 - New Kensington, PA

Roger P. Hill Capt. Levi M. Hood Lodge #159

West Chester, PA


Norman Sims - Chairman

Lawrence Lodge #18 - New Castle, PA


Director - Lonce Scott

Chris J. Perry Lodge #965 - Philadelphia, PA

Directress - Hellen McCollum

Legal Advisor

Larry Meredith

Gem City Lodge #328 - Erie, PA

Past State Presidents

William Alexander

Bethal Lodge #1284 - Bethlehem, PA

Deborah E. Myers - Esteemed Pres.

Public Relations

Director - William Henderson

Assist Director - David P. Coleman

Rules & Revisions Committee

Cassius Gantz, Sr. - Chairman

Wallace Rhoades

Ronald B. Whaley

Acting State Songbird

Tyrone Smith

Veterans Afairs

Director - Percy Hairston

Directress - Patricia Armstead - Coleman


Acting Director - Charles Devon

Directress - Tina V. Webb

Website Coordinator

Deborah M. Watson