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Pennsylvania State Association - I.B.P.O. ELKS of the World

The Great State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Association 

The Dgts of the PA State Association Is On The Move...

Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World

Birth of the Pennsylvania State Association

The Pennsylvania State Association was originally organized in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1907, but later dissolved by B.F. Howard, Grand Exalted Ruler.

The Pennsylvania State Association was reorganized in the city of Harrisburg in 1923, with J. Finley Wilson and a small group of faithful Elks from Washington, Reading, Chester, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and a few other cities in Pennsylvania.

Some of the leaders in elkdom who attended this reorganization in Harrisburg, PA in 1923 were: Edward W. Henry, Charles W. Grant, Dr. Adolphus W. Anderson, Jmes R. Wilson, William (Bill) Shands, William Stanton, "Kid" Miller, Edgar Still, Thomas Wheeler, J.T. Brandy, Tom Browne, Jim Gross and Harry Burns.

Presidents of the Pennsylvania State Association

*Edward W. Henry, Philadelphia, PA

*Charles W. Gant, Pittsburgh, PA

*Dr. Adolphus W. Anderson, Philadelphia, Pa

*Albert (Bert) Reading, Chester, PA

*J. Amos Harris, Philadelphia, PA

*Fred Montgomery, Pittsburgh, PA

*J. P. Black, Pittsburgh, PA

*Herman Hawkins, York, PA (Interim President)

Alvin C. Gantz, Lancaster, PA

Edward C. Dawson, Erie, PA

Daughters of the Pennsylvania State Association

Pennsylvania State Association was organized in June 1924. The Association was organized and set up by G.E.R. J. Finley Wilson and Dgt. Abbie M. Johnson. Pennsylvania past to present Daughter State Presidents are as named: Mary F. Parker(1924-39), Catherine A.M. Smith(1939-60), Hester R. Thomas(1960-73), Ida G. Blair(1974-86), Dorothy J. Lowery(1987-2000), Madeline J. Ballard(2000-2007), Dgt. Lois J. Curry (2007-2016), Dgt. Iris J. Jones (2016 to Present.

Many Temple are under the umbrella of this Association far too many to note. During Hester administration she formed the first Queens Contest, the Mid-Year Conference, and the 1 Baby Contest. During Ida G. Blair administration the 1 Joint Opening Session, and Pre-Registration was instituted and the P.S.P Collaring became a Public event and the Entertainment Committee sponsored Fashion Shows.

In 1987 Pennsylvania entered into a New Era under the administration of Dorothy J. Lowery established as her Motto “Go Forward To Accomplish New Goals” among them D.S. establishment were Life Memberships. The Excellence Achievement Awards Banquet, honoring those dedicated Dgts. And Bros. For their commitment to Elkdom. Dgt. Lowery created the first Statewide Telephone Directory, to assure that the PA Dgts. Of Elks were able to communicate with each other. In order to know and understand those who forged the road before us, The administration published The First State Historical Journal. In the spirit of our honored founder Emma V. Kelley, Dgt. Lowery addressed some of the suffering, illness and friendlessness of the PA Community by establishing a Special People Department.

The Dgts. Of the PA State Association continue to donate to the organizations throughout the commonwealth dedicated to assist Female Offenders and Battered Women.

We have many established Departments they are as named: The Flower Dept., Special People, Purple Cross Nurses, Beauty & Talent, Antlered Guard, Youth, Education, Civil liberties, and Veterans Affairs.