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Pennsylvania State Association - I.B.P.O. ELKS of the World

The Great State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Association 

The Dgts of the PA State Association Is On The Move...

Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World

Pennsylvania State Association

I. B. P. O. ELKS of the WORLD



Edward C. Dawson - State President

Jeffery L. Wright - 1st Vice President

Marcel Howard - 2nd Vice President

Keith Freeman - 3rd Vice President

Thomas Pipkins - Financial Secretary

LeRoy T. Wood - Assist. Financial Secretary

Daniel Wright - Treasurer

John Henderson - Auditor

Andre Collins - Recording Secretary

Paul Grant - Esquire

Vance Langston - Esquire

Arthur Blackburn - Esquire

John M. Price - Inner Guard

Ivory Palmer - Tiler

Willie Borden - Convention Director

Alvin Gantz, Jr., - State President Emeritus

Cassius Gantz, Sr. - Chairman Trustees

Michael O. Young, Sr. - Trustee

Percy Hairston- Trustee

Richard A. Ferguson - Trustee

Shawn Thompson - Trustee